Fall Ball Rules

Hey guys, for those of you working Elite Fall Ball, below are league rules.  Thanks!!

Seattle Elite – Fall Ball Rules
For the fall, the rules will be fairly relaxed. The goal of the fall is for individual player development; each team/program may have a different idea on how they want to develop their players. The guidelines to follow are listed below:
 – Teams are required to provide their own game balls
 – Games will be played with a 2 hour time limit (12U games – 1 hour, 45 minutes). For doubleheaders with the same teams playing each other back-to-back games, you basically have a 4 hour slot for the two games
 – Games are scheduled to be 7 innings in length (12U – 6 innings). Feel free to play extra innings if time allows. Ten run mercy rule is in effect after 4 innings (3 1/2 if the home team is ahead)
 – NO metal cleats for the 12U division
 – Teams can choose to swing wood or metal – BBCOR for the HS divisions; BPF 1.15 or USABat standards for the 13U & 12U divisions
 – Teams can choose to bat 9, 10 (w/EH) or the entire roster. 100% open substitution (both offense & defense)
 – Slide rules will follow the high school rule – players must go straight into the base, no malicious contact
 – Courtesy runners are optional for both the pitcher and catcher WITH 2 OUTS
 – No pitch count or innings limitation. With the fall ball being developmental, each team is encouraged to keep the players’ best interests in mind when making pitching decisions
 – All rules not covered above will follow the NFHS high school rules

Derek Bingham