Letter from Wes Behrend

Hello all!

                Its Wes, I wanted to check in with NBUA after my first couple of weeks since I have been on the road traveling doing ball. It has first off been a blast and a great experience so far! I have three days left here in California after today and then I will be off to Arizona next then to New Mexico. It has been a fantastic experience so far traveling and umpiring Pro level Baseball! I also wanted to reach out and let everyone I can know that a few of the games in my season will be live streamed free! for anyone to watch! My fist live game will be this upcoming Saturday, June 2, 2018. I will give details on how to view the game at the end of this email! I also still want to thank everyone that has helped/inspired and pushed me to pursue my dream! It has been a blast so far. I thank all of you! If anyone needs any help or has trouble with finding where the live stream is please contact me back I will try my best to respond before the game, again the game is This Saturday, June 2,2018 @ 7:45pm. Thanks again everyone talk to you all very soon and I will continue to post more pictures on FB and Instagram if you are following me! Hope you can catch my game! 



How to view the live streamed games on video:

  1. Visit the league Website. www.pecosleague.com/
  2. There are drop down menu’s select the schedule Tab, and it will drop down!
  3. Select of course 2018 season schedule
  4. It will then bring you slowly to the schedule calendar where all games are listed that are being played each day with the umpire crews last names listed for each game. (Behrend/Bush) is my crew.
    1. If you want to view information about the game select the date of the game and it will bring you to game day information 
  5. The game with the small camera icons on them are the live games. Select/ click on that small icon it will bring you to another site which will pull up the game streamed live!

Contact me if you have any questions or need any help!



Thank you,
Wesley Behrend

Professional Umpire of Pecos League of Professional Baseball Clubs

NBUA Professional Umpire