The first RTO’s are on the WOA Central Hub & other stuff


The first RTO’s are posted on the WOA Central Hub / Eligibility Center, then go to RTO and “Enroll”.

You’ll see a couple of red X’s where you can take a couple of clinics.

The first: Baseball Rubric: Preseason Self-Evaluation,  is a very useful tool if you take the category specifications as tips and great guidelines of what to work on in your game. Definitely worth taking some time and introspection. Lots of thought went into the criteria, so take advantage of it.

There will be a few more RTO’s (if you don’t know what an RTO is, take a guess — answer’s at the bottom*) coming up as in-season clinics and quizzes to keep us sharp, and keep us learning — and they are prerequisites for post-season assignments..

Speaking of quizzes, have you downloaded the Referee Magazine 2022 baseball quiz? Might be a question or two you have to look up … so you get it right in a game.

Here’s a fun video: What happens when a batter/runner overruns 1st base on a walk?

Now, what if we’re playing under FED rules? After you answer, you can see if you got it right with rule 8-2-7 and Case Book 8.2.7.Sit. A.

We’ll be mixing up MLB and FED rules quite soon so we will have to be able to switch gears as smoothly an F1 driver.

Some new field designations, if you haven’t been there yet, are now cross-referenced on your NBUA website/members/field locations — umpire parking. Do yourself a favor and check out the parking suggestions. Might save yourself a walk or not knowing where the closest restroom is. Check out SWAC, SEAC, NWAC, new construction at Inglemoor HS, and others. If you are fortunate and get a High School Classic at T-Mobile park, directions to drive there by entering at the guard gate, parking and how to get to the staff entrance are also on the website.

If you have any parking suggestions that help our members, send ‘em to me.

Want to get info about a school that’s in a game you have coming up? Hit up MaxPreps:,baseball

Type in the name of the school, pick Varsity or JV and find their win/loss record. If you then go to Roster – Staff and you can even, in most cases, find the names of the coaching staff.

Have fun!