WIAA Allows Extra Hitter for Sub Varsity

The WIAA Executive Board approved an experiment for the use of an Extra Hitter (EH) during high school sub-varsity contests.

If a schools calls to ask about using the experiment, please direct them to contact WIAA Assistant Executive Director Cindy Adsit.

If a team approaches an umpire prior to the game stating that they are using an EH, direct the umpire to allow the EH.

The approved experiment is as follows:

  • A team would be allowed to use a tenth hitter, or extra hitter (EH) in sub-varsity level baseball games.
  • The use of an “EH” would be optional and WOULD NOT BE MANDATORY. If one team chooses to use an “EH” it will NOT BE REQUIRED that the opposing team also use the “EH” during that contest.
  • The extra hitter will be declared on the line-up as the “EH”. The “EH” will act as any other starter and cannot be eliminated during the course of the game. An “EH” cannot be added to the lineup after the umpire accepts lineups at the home plate meeting.
  • The “EH” may hit in any spot in the batting order, but the “EH” spot in the batting order may not change during the game.
  • A player that begins the game as an “EH” or becomes an “EH” at any time thereafter, is not required to remain solely as the “EH”. The “EH” may be entered into the game defensively. This means that a coach can make defensive moves that include the “EH”, including swapping a defensive player for the “EH”. In short, the manager can shuffle his ten players in the batting order among the nine defensive positions. These are defensive swaps, not substitutions.
  • The “EH” role may not be eliminated during the game. Once you start with an “EH”, you must keep the “EH” for the entire game. An out will be called if the “EH” turn to bat is reached and there are no players to fill the position.
  • The starting batting order must be followed in order throughout the contest.
  • Changing of the “starting batting order” once the game begins, is strictly prohibited.
  • Player Re-Entry for the “EH” is governed by the official re-entry rule as stated in the Official NFHS Baseball Rule Book.
  • Any of the (10) starting players on the official line-up card may withdraw and re-enter once provided such player occupies the same batting order position wherever they are listed on the line-up.
  • A substitute once withdrawn may not re-enter.
  • The player occupying the EH position is ineligible as a courtesy runner.

Submitted by Tim Stevens

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