Special Elite League Rules

The Seattle Elite League handbooks for the 11-12 year old division are posted in Arbiter under LIST/FORMS (2018 Seattle Elite 11-12 yo rules) for your edification.  If you want to print out the relevant parts of handbook (i.e., the rules), here they are:

Game Rules (Regular Season & Post-Season)
• League games are 6 innings in length.
• The rules for the 11U & 12U divisions will follow NFHS rules, except when called out below
• Mound/base length will be 50’ / 70’ with leadoff/steal allowed
• Time limits are solely based on field requirements. If there is a need to have a time limit on a game (lights go out at a certain time, another game following), the home team should discuss this at the pre-game plate meeting.
• The home team is responsible to provide Baden baseballs for each league contest (exception is the playoffs, when the league will supply the balls).
• Mercy Rule – There will be a 10-run mercy rule after 4 innings (3 ½ if the home team is ahead).
• Lineup/Playing Time Rules
o The batting lineup may consist of 9 players, 10 players with an extra hitter (EH – see below) or a continuous lineup with free defensive substitutions.
o For teams choosing to bat 9 or 10 players, High School rules will be in effect for substitutions – starters are eligible to re-enter the game in their original spot in the lineup. Substitutes are NOT eligible to re-enter once removed.
o Extra Hitter (EH)
▪ The EH is an additional player in the batting order that can move into and out of the field on defense
freely. Consider the EH the 10th defensive position.
▪ Use of the EH is optional and must be declared on the official lineup card submitted to the umpires
prior to the game.
▪ If a team starts the game with an EH (10 players in the lineup), it must finish the game with an EH. If
for some reason (injury, etc) a team that starts with 10 players is left with only 9 eligible players, the
spot of the player removed from the lineup will result in an automatic out.
o There are no minimum requirements for defensive outs.
o Designated Hitter (DH) –We will be using the high school designated hitter rule – you are eligible to DH for anyone in the lineup. If you choose to enter your designated hitter into the field, the player he was hitting for must be removed from the lineup.
• High school rules will be in effect for the following situations:
o Substitution (re-entry) – covered above
o Intentional walks – teams simply need to request to the umpire to issue an intentional walk
o Sliding – players must go straight into the bag on slides; no malicious contact
o Possession – players must have possession of the ball to block a base/plate
• Courtesy runners – allowed WITH 2 OUTS for the pitcher and/or catcher. The courtesy runner must be a player not currently in the game OR the last out (if the team is using a continuous batting order). The same player cannot courtesy run for the pitcher and catcher in the same inning.
• Pitching Rules
o There are no pitch count limitations or days rest requirements in the Seattle Elite Baseball League. Coaches are highly encouraged to use their best judgment and always consider the health of the players (as well as other pitching schedules of the players) when making pitching decisions.
o Pitchers will have a 6 inning maximum per day limit in both regular season and postseason play
o Once a pitcher is removed from the mound, they are ineligible to return to that game as a pitcher, even if they remained in the game at another defensive position.
o Mound visits –1 visit per inning, 2nd visit in an inning must result in a change. No limit per game.
o Balks – big book; balks are live balls until the conclusion of the pitch/play.
o Third to First move –The third to first move is NOT legal in Elite League play.
• Bat Rules – Seattle Elite Baseball will follow the new USABat standard for the 11U & 12U leagues
o Bats must have the USABat certification mark to be used in Seattle Elite 11U & 12U play
o Exceptions:
▪ BBCOR stamped bats are eligible for use
▪ Solid one-piece wood bats are approved for use under USABat standards with our without the USA
Baseball certification mark.
▪ Multi-piece and composite wood bats must feature the USA Baseball certification mark
o Each team is responsible for making sure their team bats are legal – this is NOT the umpire’s responsibility. In the case where an illegal bat is used, the batter will be declared out and all base runners returned to their original bases at the start of the at-bat. Subsequent use of an illegal bat will result in the same penalty, along with a coach ejection.
• On deck batters are allowed
• Coaches are allowed to warm up pitchers prior to and during the game
• Coaches are allowed to be in full uniform and/or baseball attire. Full uniform is NOT REQUIRED for the 11U & 12U divisions
Suspended Games
• If rain/darkness forces the stoppage of a game, the following rules should be followed:
o If the game is suspended prior to the completion of the first inning, the game will be replayed in its entirety
o If the game is suspended following the first inning, the game will be resumed where it left off
o If the game is called after 4 innings (3 1/2 if the home team is leading), the game will be considered official
Conflict Resolution
• As with any competitive situation, conflicts are sure to arise over the course of the season. The Seattle Elite Baseball
League is committed to ruling on all conflicts in a way that (1) is fair to the teams involved and (2) good for the league as a whole. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions/concerns/issues you have regarding Seattle Elite Baseball.