June Draws

Per NBUA policy, all members are able to take a draw effective June 1.  Please respond to me privately if you would like to receive a June 1st draw.  This draw is based on your gross NBUA earnings from March thru May 31.  All members are allowed to take a draw up to 70% of those gross earnings.  Let me know what your preference is.  No draw request, no response necessary. My goal is to get the June draw checks in the mail by Friday June 3.

For example:

  • I would like to take a 70% draw
  • I’ve earned 1000.00.  I would like to take a 300.00 draw
  • I’ve earned 1850.00.  I would like to take a 1000.00 draw

Any questions, give me a shout.


Mark R. Clough

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