NBUA media tour

Our very own Ted Buehner organized the day (1/22/20) with the goal to get the word out to the greater Seattle community that there is a strong need for sports officials in the area. In addition to Ted and NBUA Recruiting and Retention Committee Chair, Brian Rooney, the WOA Executive Director, Todd Stordahl and WOA President, Dean Corcoran were present. 

The first stop was the radio studio of KIRO-FM/710 ESPN. The group met with Chris Sullivan who interviewed them for approximately 30 minutes for a segment that will air in the near future. Then, they headed to KIRO-TV where Dean and Brian were interviewed separately but will be part of a joint news story that could air as early as tonight. Then they headed to KOMO Radio for a joint interview with all participating. Finally, after lunch, they made our way to KING 5, where again Dean and Brian were interviewed but this time together. That will likely air before the end of the week.

Great job on going above and beyond the usual efforts to recruit and getting the message out to a large audience.

Be on the lookout for the airing of these segments on the TV or radio and take a look at the KIRO news feed ( https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/youth-sports-struggling-with-shortage-officials/HZKP4X6RF5D3JK6QNP5UFOCLO4/ ) and the KING 5 TV segment ( https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/lifestyle-buzz/dramatic-decline-in-referees-prompts-statewide-call-to-action/ar-BBZBZbz?ocid=hplocalnews ).