Mickey Mantle Rules


1. Use of a designated hitter shall be allowed in all league, playoff and Washington State Championship games for those Tournaments administrated under Puget Sound Baseball League. A designated hitter may bat for anyone and they are “married” to that spot in the batting order.
1a. Any player currently not in the game may run for the catcher and/or pitcher at any time. A player may not run twice in the same inning.

2. Players listed in the starting lineup card can be taken from the game and re-entered once, in the same batting position.

  • A player who is not listed as a starter can enter the game once, but cannot re-enter.
  • In addition, once the pitcher has been substituted for and removed from the game, he cannot re-enter as a pitcher. If, however, he leaves the mound but remains in the game, and if, he has not been removed due to two trips to the mound, said player may return to the mound. This pitcher rule also applies when a pinch hitter is used for a pitcher that is batting (i.e. the pitcher is not considered removed from the game when pinch hit for); but the pitcher player must re-enter the game the next ½ inning to play defense.

3. All games in the league shall consist of seven (7) full innings, & equal at bats, except:
3a. Games with five (5) complete innings, or 4 ½ if the home team is ahead, shall constitute a legal game if the game is called due to rain.
3b. In the event a game is called due to rain prior to five (5) innings the game will be considered a “suspended” game and will resume from the point the game ended the next time the same two teams meet.
After 5 innings, a rain call is a completed game-“if” one team is ahead and there is a complete inning. Thus a game at 6-1/2 innings & no clear winner (home team ahead) will be a suspended game.
The League policy (except as noted in 3e below) is that we will not take runs off the board by reverting back to a previous inning. [It is not fair to penalize a team that has caught up but the inning wasn’t completed & cancel their runs by reverting]
3c. In any league game the game shall be legally complete after five (5) innings if the visiting team is ahead by eight (8) runs, or 4 ½ innings if the home team is ahead.
3d. In the event a game must be stopped due to darkness or lights going out prematurely or reasons other than rain, the game shall be a suspended game and continued from that point the next time they meet (See Article 12).
3e. If special field rules apply, ie., no pitch after 11:05PM, or a time limit, then the score shall revert to the last completed inning that will break the tie, and if at least five (5) innings have been played, the game shall be deemed an officially completed game. [You do not revert below the 5th inning]. Should reverting to the 5th not establish a winner then the game is suspended and will be completed from the exact point of the actual game (before you started reverting-It would not be fair, in this case, to takes runs off the board.)
3f. Other field rules will be similarly applied. Managers discuss field rules at the pre-game conference and have an understanding on the time of the last pitch or end of the game and what constitutes a complete game.

  • The League probably gets more complaints about this than any-because you guys don’t make it clear the exact rule and then see that it happens that way.
  • Umpires cannot change the agreement at the plate later in the game nor can the other manager.

3g. Suspended games are to be completed by starting the next game the two teams involved play, early if at all possible. Trade with a team that has an earlier game and get in the balance of the suspended game and then begin the regularly scheduled game. If the suspended game is played as a separate game the line up’s will be the same as the original game. A legally rostered player who wasn’t at the original game may be entered as a sub. Also see Article 12 6. Rule 101A & 7. Rule 101B in case this game is not a separate meeting specifically to complete the suspended game.
3h. Teams having trouble re-scheduling games are to Read Article 12.

4. The league will play “slide and avoid” safety rules for all league and post season play. The Old HS rule, arms length.

5. Deliberately throwing at, condoning/sanctioning of /suggesting or in any way encouraging your pitcher or players to throw at an opposing batter is forbidden & although subjective the League President is empowered to remove the player/coach and/or team from the game or from League play and ban such a team from future membership in the League. This will not be tolerated. Similarly each team will instruct its players to avoid stepping on or “cleating” or running down opposing players.

6. On deck batters shall be behind the batter for safety. Do not play any game where the on deck batter is not so positioned. Diamonds with huge backstops: If coach feels it is as safe, may allow his player to remain on his side. Each coach my individually make this call- Safety First fellows. Umpires do not make this call; you as the manager/owner are responsible for the safety of your players.

7. All League games may start and play with 8 players; however that position in the line up shall register an out. If the other team is willing, they may lend you a player to start the game (the goal is to play ball).

8. Have your scorer check the score with your opponent in between innings on occasion.

9. Umpires and coaches when doing the Pre-Game instruction/exchange shall move off to one side so as to allow the Pitcher and catcher to warm up. Umpires that want to stand on the plate should move to the Big Leagues.

10. Line up cards, as a courtesy, should list every player (first & last name) and his number. A player showing up late-who wasn’t listed-may still play with no penalty.

11. On field Managers and Coaches are required to wear baseball uniforms.

  • Minimum uniform is baseball pants, baseball or tennis shoes, the jersey could be a team, T-shirt, pullover, or jacket. (Not acceptable Levi’s, cutoffs, dress pants, shirt and tie, wing-tips, etc.
  • Field Managers and Coaches not properly attired shall not coach, coaching not properly attired shall constitute a forfeit.

12. Connie Mack and/or Senior Babe Ruth League rules shall be per the above, except as altered in writing by the League President.

13. All Leagues of PSBL may (optional for each game by each coach)  have an Extra Player (EP) in the line up: This player will bat and be married to that spot in the order. Further the EP my play interchange with any player in the current line up and play defense-e.g. any player can be moved from the field to the bench (defensively) and back again, however the batting order must remain he same. You may have an EH and a DH at the same time.

14. Legal bats shall be as defined by the Rules of the State of Washington High School Athletic Association (currently -3; but as may be revised from time to time).

15. Catchers Helmets are to be those certified by the Washington State HS Association, currently NOCSAE certified one piece hockey style masks. Also note many National Tournaments require the one piece hockey style masks as well.

16. Balls: there is no League official baseball, however they must be hardballs and they must be used for both teams thru out the game.

17. Batting Helmets are to be NOCSAE certified and have two ear protection.

18. On all Field Turf or Astro Turf or similar fields: DO NOT ALLOW YOUR KIDS OR COACHES TO EAT SUN FLOWER SEEDS OR CHEW GUM. Most field crews have the authority to remove you team from the field and/or shut down the field.

19. If you want to walk a player, just tell him to take lst-YOU DO NOT HAVE TO THROW FOUR BALLS.

20. The home team is to supply the Baseballs for the game, except if the league is playing home and away and the schedule works out that you are playing a double header, then the visiting team shall be the home team in the second game and supply the baseballs.