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How do I setup Arbiter Pay?

NBUA Members
Attached is a link to assist those who have yet to go into Arbiter & set up their ArbiterPay account.  This needs to be done in order to receive payment for all School earnings.  This shoulld get you there.  Many of you have already completed this.  Should take 5-10 minutes.

Many of you prefer to connect their ArbiterPay account directly to their ADP Wisely account.  I  recommend this.  Below are the steps needed to get this done:

1. Open up your Wisely Account App

2. Click on the three pancakes in the upper left corner.

3. Account Settings

4. Direct Deposit

5. You’ll need the Bank Name, Routing Number & Account Number in order to attach your Wisely account to your ArbiterPay account.


How Do I Register For An ArbiterPay Account (

Mark Richard Clough

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The 2018 MSA is Ready to Sign

The 2018 version of the Member Services Agreement is ready to be signed.  The MSA is the legal agreement between the NBUA and its members and it must be signed each year by each member before the NBUA can assign games to that individual.

You can find the MSA under the Members/MSA menu drop down or by following this link

Click here for the 2018 MSA.