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The first RTO’s are on the WOA Central Hub & other stuff


The first RTO’s are posted on the WOA Central Hub / Eligibility Center, then go to RTO and “Enroll”.

You’ll see a couple of red X’s where you can take a couple of clinics.

The first: Baseball Rubric: Preseason Self-Evaluation,  is a very useful tool if you take the category specifications as tips and great guidelines of what to work on in your game. Definitely worth taking some time and introspection. Lots of thought went into the criteria, so take advantage of it.

There will be a few more RTO’s (if you don’t know what an RTO is, take a guess — answer’s at the bottom*) coming up as in-season clinics and quizzes to keep us sharp, and keep us learning — and they are prerequisites for post-season assignments..

Speaking of quizzes, have you downloaded the Referee Magazine 2022 baseball quiz? Might be a question or two you have to look up … so you get it right in a game.

Here’s a fun video: What happens when a batter/runner overruns 1st base on a walk?

Now, what if we’re playing under FED rules? After you answer, you can see if you got it right with rule 8-2-7 and Case Book 8.2.7.Sit. A.

We’ll be mixing up MLB and FED rules quite soon so we will have to be able to switch gears as smoothly an F1 driver.

Some new field designations, if you haven’t been there yet, are now cross-referenced on your NBUA website/members/field locations — umpire parking. Do yourself a favor and check out the parking suggestions. Might save yourself a walk or not knowing where the closest restroom is. Check out SWAC, SEAC, NWAC, new construction at Inglemoor HS, and others. If you are fortunate and get a High School Classic at T-Mobile park, directions to drive there by entering at the guard gate, parking and how to get to the staff entrance are also on the website.

If you have any parking suggestions that help our members, send ‘em to me.

Want to get info about a school that’s in a game you have coming up? Hit up MaxPreps:,baseball

Type in the name of the school, pick Varsity or JV and find their win/loss record. If you then go to Roster – Staff and you can even, in most cases, find the names of the coaching staff.

Have fun!


2022 Training Schedule is posted

The training schedule for all Tiers has been posted for 2022. You can view this schedule in two ways. It is posted as a grid under Members/Training and it is posted as a series of individual events on the NBUA Calendar. The Calendar can be reached here. Or by going to Information/Calendar. The Calendar shows up as a list by default but you can modify your screen by choosing the “Month” view style. You can also sort through the events for those that apply to your Tier by using the Calendar search function and putting in “Apprentice” or “T-Tier” for example.

There are a number of events which are listed as TDB for time and/or location so, keep coming back here to find out where and when those events will be held. It is also possible that last minute cancelations might occur so make sure to check on the day of to get the most recent information.

3-Man Mechanics Made Easy

On the evening of April 20th, our own Bill Fitzgerald and others put on a video class on 3-man mechanics. If you find yourself assigned to a 3-man game this will be a useful review. You can find the link to the video here. You can follow along with your own copy of the power point presentation by downloading it here.

All of our 2021 training videos are available on our Training page under the Members section.

Registration is Open for Clinics

NBUA Umpires – The year 2021 NBUA training schedule includes an on-line Umpire Training Clinic hosted by Brian Hertzog – an NBUA alumus and current-day college umpire.  Please see the bottom of this message for the Zoom link (to register for the clinic) and the agenda.  

  • This multi-day clinic will be supported by umpires from MLB, MiLB, and NCAA.  
  • The clinic starts on Friday 2/12/2021 at 5:30pm, continues on Saturday 2/13/2021 (morning and afternoon), and finishes on Sunday 2/14/2021 (morning and afternoon).
  • The desired audience includes NBUA, SCBUA, PCUA, and other associations in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
  • The clinic will be free to all participants – voluntary contributions will be accepted for Umps Care.
  • The agenda consists of 5 sessions as shown below.  Up to 5 sessions of training credit can be gained.  Members can elect to attend any or all of the sessions, or none of the sessions.  
  • Friday evening 2/12/2021 @ 5:30pm
  • Saturday morning 2/13/2021 @ 9:00am
    30 minute lunch break starting at approx 11:30am-12:00noon  
  • Saturday afternoon 2/13/2021 – after lunch break
  • Sunday morning 2/14/2021 @ 9:00am
    30 minute lunch break starting at approx 11:30am-12:00noon   
  • Sunday afternoon 2/14/2021 – after lunch break
  • Attendance is encouraged but not required.  Members can elect to attend any or all of the sessions, or none of the sessions.
  • Once you register, you are provided a Webinar ID which you will use to log-in any time during the weekend.   Before the clinic starts, you will receive an email with the log-in link.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  Hope to see you on-line at the clinic!


Henry VonJouanne

Go to the members training page and clink on the Register links under the Video Link column. All links lead to the same registration page.

About the instructors (Video)

Training Videos Available

Online instruction is a new thing for the NBUA and our approach is evolving. We record each session and then, a day or two later we will be posting a link to the training session video on our training schedule page. This page can be found under the Members/Training menu option. A new column has been added to the schedule titled “Video Link” which contains the link to the video for that session.

2021 Training schedule has been published

The 2021 training schedule has just been published in the members section of the website. To view it look under Members/Training or follow this link.

This year the WIAA has pushed back the start of the baseball season to allow fall sports that were cancelled due to the pandemic to be played in the first quarter of the year. As a result, we expect the season to be at least two weeks late. Our training schedule reflects this delay.

As in past years a certain amount of the available training must be completed by each umpire to avoid a financial penalty. This varies by tier. For the new 2021 Apprentices, there will be 43.5 hours of training made available and they must complete 60% or 26.1 hours to meet this requirement. For the returning 2020 Apprentices (Ap2) and C-tier umpires 40.5 hours will be provided and they must complete 24.3 hours minimum. B-tier umpires will be offered 35.5 hours with a minimum of 15 hours necessary and A-tier and Tournament tier umpires will see 22.5 hours of instruction plus several opportunities to help with field mechanics and cage training that they may also count. They are asked to attend 5 sessions in this group.

This year all of our classroom training will be conducted online via the Teams application. We hope to send out links to each session just before they are to occur. This is a new system and there are sure to be bugs. If you find that you don’t have necessary links please contact Mark Clough (206) 265-1896 for Apprentice training sessions or Peyton Coffin (206) 280 8633 our member service and communications chair or Henry Von Jouanne (206) 795-0438 our training committee chair for help.