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2022 Promotions and Awards

2022 NBUA Promotions and Awards were announced at the annual banquet,
Maplewood Country Club, Renton, on September 17th , 2022.

The banquet was MC’d by Mark Clough and produced by Mark and Chris
VonJouanne, hosted by Peyton Coffin.

The promotions, announced by Greg Olmstead, Evaluations Chairman:
Promoted from Apprentice to C Tier:
Adam Carlson, Craig Tashiro, Dan Eck, Richard Hepler, Andrew Alsdorf, Bryan
McNair, Tedd Dideriksen, Mario Padilla, Michael Skarin and…

… one other C Tier promotion: The recipient of the Leslie Fitzpatrick Rookie of the Year Award, named after our long-time, beloved assignor, for an “Outstanding Umpire
of the Present and the Future.” Brian Rooney, Recruiting and Retention Chairman,
awarded it to: Nick Gallagher! Nick crossed 153 games off his bucket list in his
first year as an umpire!

We had a special promotion awarded to a 2nd year umpire with NBUA (but very
experienced elsewhere, including Europe), who attended professional umpire
school and was accepted into the college umpire ranks. Promoted from C to A tier:
Chris Castro.

Promoted to B Tier:
Casey Bloom, Thomas Peckham, Jeff Cannon, Tom Niccoli, Dan Borgida, Carl-
Michael Aoanan, Michael Owsiak, Mike Spear, Mike Leitner, Peter Caro, and
Loren Ryan with 129 games!

Promoted to A Tier:
Ryan McNeil, Steve Mueller, and (all working over 100 games), Jim Melrose,
Randy Venters, Ron Klamert, Lane Loland (122) and Paul Reynolds – 143 games!

Promoted to Tournament Tier:
Dennis Williams, Brian Tschumper, Hank Margeson, Greg Clarkson

We have several transfer umpires and they have been confirmed as: Gerritt Nelson
to B Tier, Kerry Clark to A Tier and Regina Boyd to A Tier.

Henry VonJouanne and Corky Trewin asked us to join in their salute to two of our
honored umpires:
Tim Stevens was inducted into the WAO Hall of Fame.
Bob Matekel was selected as the WOA Baseball Official of the Year.

Tom Krause, President of PSSBL, presented the first-ever PSSBL Umpire of the
award to Pete Perry.

The George Eshleman Award for Service, Integrity and being a Valued Partner on
the Field was awarded to Terry Granillo.

Peyton presented the NBUA Coach of the Year to Chris Moedritzer, head baseball
coach of Garfield High School. He runs a respectful and talented program
throughout Garfield baseball.

Mark Clough, our valued assignor, named the 2022 Assignor Awards. These are
awarded to umpires who are “any game, anywhere”, and have minimal turn-backs.
They are hallmarks of dedication to our craft.
C Tier: Mike Leitner
B Tier: Paul Reynolds
A Tier: Paul Williams
T Tier: Mike McQuery

Corky acknowledged an umpire who emotes energy and friendliness and is our
best recruiter. Rick Park earned the 2022 Unsung Hero Award!

Dale Wilson asked Dean Corcoran, president of Washington Officials Association,
to receive the 2022 NBUA Customer of the Year Award for Unwavering Support
of Washington State’s Sports Officials.

The Brian Gooch Award is awarded for outstanding service to one’s fellow
umpires. Receiving the award was our long-time Director of Training: Henry

To all awardees: Congratulations and well deserved!

For your Board of Directors,
Member Services

2021 NBUA Promotions

The 2021 NBUA promotions were announced at the Annual Banquet on Saturday night. Congratulations to those that got promoted and please acknowledge your fellow umpires that moved up.

Apprentice to C-Tier

Bloom, Casey

Cannon, Jeffrey

Caro, Peter

Castro, Christopher

Duke, Martin

Garcia, Cesar

Lee, Dominic

Leitner, Mike

McCoy, Mitchell

O’Rourke, Patrick

Owsiak, Michael

Peckham, Thomas

Ryan, Loren

C-Tier to B-Tier

Berg, Jeff

Green, Ryan

Kaye, Marc

Loland, Lane

Mueller, Steven

Reynolds, Paul

B-Tier to A-Tier

Keepers, John

Richardson, Dave

Trewin, Corky

A-Tier to Tournament

Olmsted, Greg

Rooney, Brian

Sweet, Brian

Wilson, Dale

2019 NBUA Promotions

The 2019 NBUA promotions were announced at the Annual Banquet on Saturday night.  Congratulations to those that got promoted and please congratulate your fellow umpires that moved up.

Apprentice to C Tier

Jim Berg

Tyler Alberts

Tom Niccoli

Mike Spears

John Norris

Daniel Borgida

Carl-Michael Aoanan

Kyle Nilson

Kurt Nilson

Keith Smith

Mark Kaye

West Hanold

Jim Duwe

Jim Jeffries

Paul Reynolds

Luis Tejada

Lane Loland

Ryan Grenn

C Tier to B Tier

Scott Allen

William Guest

Michael Lauritzen

Jim Melrose

Andy Null

Dave Richardson

B Tier to A Tier

Jeff Borgida

JC Cowan

Chet Morgan

Mark Snyder

Paul Williams

Dale Wilson

A Tier to Tournament Tier

Phil Bogardus

Cody Curnutt

John Matson

Earl Smith

Tim Stever

Chris VonJouanne

Henry VonJouanne

Ryan Wilson

New Peer Evaluations

NBUA Umpires…

To assist everyone in doing their Peer Evaluations, Mark Snyder & I are sending out the following information & reminders:

  • NBUA is now using a 1-5 scale for Peer Evaluations.  The 1-10 format is gone.
  • All umpires Peer Evaluate down.  ie: B Tier umpires evaluate B, C & Apprentice tier only. A Tier is an exception, they evaluate everybody.
  • Apprentices do not give Peer Evaluations.
  • We ask that all Peer Evaluations are entered into Arbiter within 24 hours.
  • Sign, date, level & site each Peer Evaluation.
  • Unsigned Peer Evaluations will not count.  Sign them please!
  • The 1-5 Scoring Criteria has been modified this season:

(5) Performs above NBUA Standards per tier consistently
(4) Performs above NBUA Standards per tier occasionally
(3) Performs at NBUA Standards per tier consistently
(2) Occasionally achieves NBUA Standards per tier
(1) Infrequently achieves NBUA Standards per tier

  • If your partner officiated his game at his Tier Expectations, give him a 3.
  • Attached are the updated 2018 Tier Expectations.
  • Apprentices should aspire as 1st year umpires, to achieve the C Tier Expectations.
  • We recommend having these Tier Expectations in your car or phone to reference when “checking the boxes” as you give your Peer Evaluation.

Side note:
The Partner Evaluation App is still in Beta Test mode.  More to follow soon.
Mark Clough

A-Tier Expectations
B-Tier Expectations
C-Tier Expectations

2017 Awards and Promotions

Thank you to all the members and guests that braved the chilly annual NBUA Banquet on Saturday October 14th. It was a great night to celebrate the season and give recognition to the outstanding achievements by our membership. Thanks to the emcee skills of Jay Neff, the musical talents of Tim Stever, the organizational and operational effort by Mark Clough, greeting skills of Mark and Sandi Snyder, decorating skills of Jodi Clough and Leslie Fitzpatrick, and a moving speech by our High School Coach of the Year Mike Brundage we concluded the challenging season with a bang.
Below is a recap of the award recipients and members who were promoted.

Congratulations to all who received an award or were promoted!

Assignor Tier Awards
C Tier – Dale Wilson
B Tier – Wes Behrend
A Tier – Bill Coyne

Jack Miller Customer of the Year Award
Martin Lawrence GM of Northwest Honkers

High School Varsity Coach of the Year Award
Mike Brundage, Hazen High School

Rookie of the Year Award
Spencer Kim

Brian Gooch Distinguished Service Award
Vern Dahl

George Eschelman Umpire of the Year Award
Glenn Campbell


Apprentice to C Tier
Gabe Brookshier
Chris Burris
Carl Done
Pete Perry
Connor Reid
Kyle Sickles
Craig Sweet

Apprentice to B Tier
Aaron Bussiere
Spencer Kim

C Tier to B Tier
Kevin Corbett
Theodore Corpuz
Paul Glahn
Dwayne Helgeson
Ted Jones
Chet Morgan
Mark Snyder
Lance Wallace
Dale Wilson

B Tier to A Tier
Cody Curnutt
Chris Deluze
Jeff Jacobson
Paul Kahle
Mike MacKinnon
John Moore
Don Warfield

A Tier to Tournament Tier
Ben Bayer
Allen Christie
Jeff Evenson
Dan Graves
Josh Lobeck
Kirk Struble

Peer Evaluations

Greetings all,

Training is wrapping up – thanks to everyone who took the time away from home and family to brush off some rust. Special thanks to the training crew who took even more time to put it all together and bring it to the classroom and onto the field.

Now let’s call some baseball.

Peer evaluations serve many of the same purposes as training. They give us each a tool to help each of our partners improve and grow. They can be a hugely valuable resource, or they can be a waste of time. It’s up to each umpire as we write each evaluation to determine which. Attached is a document I hope you will find helpful in completing your peer evaluations this year. Do them the same night as your game; I don’t know about you, but I start forgetting once another game is in the books!

Contact me at [email protected], call or text to 425.652.6124 if you have any questions about any of this. Work on improving something every game, hustle, and have fun. Every up’s a big up to the kid at bat. Thanks.

Terry Granillo
NBUA Board of Directors
Evaluations Committee Chair
[email protected]