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Registration is Open for Clinics

NBUA Umpires – The year 2021 NBUA training schedule includes an on-line Umpire Training Clinic hosted by Brian Hertzog – an NBUA alumus and current-day college umpire.  Please see the bottom of this message for the Zoom link (to register for the clinic) and the agenda.  

  • This multi-day clinic will be supported by umpires from MLB, MiLB, and NCAA.  
  • The clinic starts on Friday 2/12/2021 at 5:30pm, continues on Saturday 2/13/2021 (morning and afternoon), and finishes on Sunday 2/14/2021 (morning and afternoon).
  • The desired audience includes NBUA, SCBUA, PCUA, and other associations in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
  • The clinic will be free to all participants – voluntary contributions will be accepted for Umps Care.
  • The agenda consists of 5 sessions as shown below.  Up to 5 sessions of training credit can be gained.  Members can elect to attend any or all of the sessions, or none of the sessions.  
  • Friday evening 2/12/2021 @ 5:30pm
  • Saturday morning 2/13/2021 @ 9:00am
    30 minute lunch break starting at approx 11:30am-12:00noon  
  • Saturday afternoon 2/13/2021 – after lunch break
  • Sunday morning 2/14/2021 @ 9:00am
    30 minute lunch break starting at approx 11:30am-12:00noon   
  • Sunday afternoon 2/14/2021 – after lunch break
  • Attendance is encouraged but not required.  Members can elect to attend any or all of the sessions, or none of the sessions.
  • Once you register, you are provided a Webinar ID which you will use to log-in any time during the weekend.   Before the clinic starts, you will receive an email with the log-in link.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  Hope to see you on-line at the clinic!


Henry VonJouanne

Go to the members training page and clink on the Register links under the Video Link column. All links lead to the same registration page.

About the instructors (Video)

Training Videos Available

Online instruction is a new thing for the NBUA and our approach is evolving. We record each session and then, a day or two later we will be posting a link to the training session video on our training schedule page. This page can be found under the Members/Training menu option. A new column has been added to the schedule titled “Video Link” which contains the link to the video for that session.

2021 Training schedule has been published

The 2021 training schedule has just been published in the members section of the website. To view it look under Members/Training or follow this link.

This year the WIAA has pushed back the start of the baseball season to allow fall sports that were cancelled due to the pandemic to be played in the first quarter of the year. As a result, we expect the season to be at least two weeks late. Our training schedule reflects this delay.

As in past years a certain amount of the available training must be completed by each umpire to avoid a financial penalty. This varies by tier. For the new 2021 Apprentices, there will be 43.5 hours of training made available and they must complete 60% or 26.1 hours to meet this requirement. For the returning 2020 Apprentices (Ap2) and C-tier umpires 40.5 hours will be provided and they must complete 24.3 hours minimum. B-tier umpires will be offered 35.5 hours with a minimum of 15 hours necessary and A-tier and Tournament tier umpires will see 22.5 hours of instruction plus several opportunities to help with field mechanics and cage training that they may also count. They are asked to attend 5 sessions in this group.

This year all of our classroom training will be conducted online via the Teams application. We hope to send out links to each session just before they are to occur. This is a new system and there are sure to be bugs. If you find that you don’t have necessary links please contact Mark Clough (206) 265-1896 for Apprentice training sessions or Peyton Coffin (206) 280 8633 our member service and communications chair or Henry Von Jouanne (206) 795-0438 our training committee chair for help.

2019 NBUA Banquet recap

The weather was fantastic, the people were great, and the banquet concluded with a warm and familiar toast from emcee Jay Neff. About 100 members and guests attended the banquet on Saturday evening and were treated to the announcements of promotions and award winners and a rousing tribute to Chuck McQuery.
After 31 years with NBUA, working more than 32,000 innings, seeing more than 1.2 million pitches, officiating with more than 500 different partners, and driving more than 65,000 miles in the Puget Sound area, Chuck has decided to move, full time, to Arizona. A man of great moral character who was there for the right reasons is one way a fellow umpire described him. Chuck, you’ll be greatly missed and NBUA wishes you the best. Come back and work a few games when it is too hot in AZ!
Award winners included Allen Christie (George Eschelman Umpire of the Year), Dave Johnson (Unsung Hero), Lakeside Industries (Jack Miller Customer of the Year), Dale Dolesji from Kennedy Catholic High School (High School Varsity Coach of the Year), Lane Loland (Rookie of the Year), Steve Mueller, Dale Wilson and Tim Stever (C, B, and A Tier Assignor Awards), and Hank Margeson (Brian Gooch Distinguish Service).
The promotions were many and well deserved. To see the list of promotions see the following post. Congratulations to all of the umpires that got promoted and thank you for your hard work and dedication to improving your skills and knowledge of the game.
A special thank you goes out to everyone that helped in making this a memorable and successful evening. Tim Stever for his audio and DJ skills, Jody Clough for the table centerpieces, Jay Neff for his excellent emcee duties, Mark Clough for a lot of things but most importantly putting the evening’s presentation together, Sondra Stever for helping set up and clean up the room, Leslie Fitzpatrick for organizing the golf tournament and taking care of the raffle prizes. And lastly, thank you to all who showed up and celebrated another successful season of umpiring.
Until next year, have a safe and happy off-season.

Allen Christie
Chair, Member Services and Communications Committee

2019 NBUA Promotions

The 2019 NBUA promotions were announced at the Annual Banquet on Saturday night.  Congratulations to those that got promoted and please congratulate your fellow umpires that moved up.

Apprentice to C Tier

Jim Berg

Tyler Alberts

Tom Niccoli

Mike Spears

John Norris

Daniel Borgida

Carl-Michael Aoanan

Kyle Nilson

Kurt Nilson

Keith Smith

Mark Kaye

West Hanold

Jim Duwe

Jim Jeffries

Paul Reynolds

Luis Tejada

Lane Loland

Ryan Grenn

C Tier to B Tier

Scott Allen

William Guest

Michael Lauritzen

Jim Melrose

Andy Null

Dave Richardson

B Tier to A Tier

Jeff Borgida

JC Cowan

Chet Morgan

Mark Snyder

Paul Williams

Dale Wilson

A Tier to Tournament Tier

Phil Bogardus

Cody Curnutt

John Matson

Earl Smith

Tim Stever

Chris VonJouanne

Henry VonJouanne

Ryan Wilson

Dale Dolejsi 2019 HSVCOY

Congratulations to Coach Dale Dolejsi from Kennedy Catholic High School for being selected as the NBUA 2019 High School Varsity Coach of the Year award recipient.  There were seven worthy candidates for the award this year and Coach Dale came out on top by a few votes.  A plaque and an invitation to join us at the annual banquet on September 21st at Maplewood Golf Course were given to Dale at the Kennedy Catholic Spring sports banquet on Tuesday May 28th by Allen Christie.  It was a little different from other presentations because it was done in front of the entire Spring sports athletes and parents (about 300 people).  Dale is a beloved art teacher at Kennedy and has been the head coach for baseball for six years.  He was genuinely humbled by the award and had very respectful things to say to the student athletes and parents about sports officials.  He said he will definitely be joining us at the banquet and will be playing golf.  After all, he used to work at Maplewood Golf Course.

Thank you to all of you who participated in this nomination and voting process.  Your selection of an award winner means a lot to the coach and the school and generates a lot of good will between NBUA and our customers


2019 HS Regional/State assignments

Congratulations to all the umpires assigned Regional and State assignments.


4A – Everett Memorial Stadium
Sam Minton, Snohomish County
Jeff Leavitt, Chelan County
Henry VonJouanne, Northwest

4A – Propstra Stadium, Vancouver
Jeff Evenson, Northwest
Steve Fox, Pierce County
Joel Thompson, South Sound

4A – Heritage Field, Puyallup
Chuck Freeze, Peninsula
Brian Sweet, Northwest
Dan Graves, Pierce County

4A – Richland High School
Jim Klos, KPR
Jeff Golding, Inland Empire
Jordan Bishop, Yakima Valley

3A – Sherman Anderson Field, Mt Vernon
Jeff Sadorus, Snohomish County
Chris Hinton, Northwest
Kevin Rose, Skagit Valley

3A – Bannerwood Park, Bellevue
John Hayden, Western Peninsula
Barry Kinzer, Northwest
Mark Day, Yakima Valley

3A – Heidelberg Sports Complex, Tacoma
Nick Pilutik, Pierce County
Eric Wiley, South Sound
Thomas Martinko, Evergreen

3A – County Stadium, Yakima
Ryan Olson, Inland Empire
Max Melvin, KPR
Jeremy Cranston, Columbia Basin

2A – Daniels Field, Anacortes
Jeremy Binz, Snohomish County
Ted Ramsey, Whatcom County
John Leeper, Northwest

2A – Auburn High School
Arlis McGrath, Peninsula
Cody Curnutt, Northwest
Eli Feagaimaalii, Pierce County

2A – Wheeler Field, Centralia
Rainer Summers, Twin City
Gunnar Guttormsen, Lower Columbia
Carlos Butler, Evergreen

2A – Ephrata High School
Bruce Shields, Central Columbia Basin
Jeremy Burkhardt, Inland Empire
Tim Neasham, KPR

1A – Volunteer Field, Anacortes
Harold Oosterhof, Skagit Valley
Regina Boyd, Snohomish County
Thom Denholm, Northwest

1A – Franklin Pierce, Tacoma
Brandon Harwell, Pierce County
Brian Rooney, Northwest
Phil Lepper, Western Peninsula

1A – Castle Rock High School
David Crayne, Lower Columbia
Don Warfield, Northwest
Brian Strege, Peninsula

1A – Larson Playfield, Moses Lake
Lolo Garza, Columbia Basin
Clark Cosby, Inland Empire
Rod Shumate, Blue Mountain

2B – Yelm High School
Rick Reyes, Pierce County
Vern Dahl, Northwest
Brian Hutson, South Sound

2B – Adna High School
Bill Marin, Twin City
Mike MacKinnon, Northwest
Sekou Forrester, Pierce County

2B – Ferris High School, Spokane
Bruce Richartz, Colville Valley
Tim Lewis, Palouse
Paul Sorensen, Inland Empire

2B – Davis High School, Yakima
Keith Kladnik, Okanogan County
Scott St Mary, Yakima Valley
Jim McCoy, Inland Empire

1B – W.F. West High School, Chehalis
Rick Park, Northwest
Anthony Stapleton, Pierce County
Steve Welborn, Evergreen

1B –Walla Walla High School
Daniel Adams, Inland Empire
Anthony Mangini, Palouse
Tom Byers, Blue Mountain

2019 STATE FINALS (May 24-25)
4A, 3A – GESA Stadium, Pasco
Dave Ratliff, Evergreen
Lorin Kelly, KPR
Jay Neff, Northwest
Ross Working, Twin City
Dan Williamson, Whatcom County
Ken Weyrick, Yakima Valley

2A, 1A – County Stadium, Yakima
Clyde Hearne, Central Columbia Basin
Kevin Wellington, Inland Empire
Curtus Metzger, Lower Columbia
Nick Pilutik, Pierce County
Glenn Davis, South Sound
Bill Kosmas, Skagit Valley

2B, 1B – Wheeler Field, Centralia
Paul Weddle, Chelan County
Steve Pietroburgo, Colville Valley
Kim Stover, Northwest
Jon Brown, Snohomish County