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2018 Elections results

The polls closed at 6pm on Monday night and the election results are as follows:

89 of 149 eligible members voted (60%) which is up 2% from last year
Allen Christie 84 votes (94%)
Henry VonJouanne 82 votes (92%)
Hank Margeson 81 votes (91%)
Ron Beal 78 votes (88%)
Earl Smith 78 votes (88%)
Gary Coy 35 votes (39%)

The 2018-19 Executive Committee is:
Hank Margeson – President
Mark Snyder – Vice President
Allen Christie – Secretary
Mark Clough – Treasurer

Committee Chairs are:
Finance – Mark Clough
Bylaws/Policies and Procedures – Mark Snyder
Member Services and Communications – Allen Christie
Recruiting and Retention – Brian Rooney
Training – Henry VonJouanne
Evaluations – Mark Clough

2018 Award Winners and Promotions

On Saturday September 15th, NBUA held its annual banquet to celebrate the 2018 baseball season and to bestow awards on deserving umpires and to promote umpires to higher tiers. Many thanks go out to those that helped make this a wonderful event. Jody Clough made beautiful flower arrangements for each table, Tim Stever provided great music throughout the evening, Wes Behrend handed out name tags, Mark Clough put together the awards presentation and Jay Neff kept us on schedule as the emcee. Thanks also goes out to all of the guests and significant others who put up with us during the year and allow us to do what we do.
The day started off with with our golf tournament, organized by Leslie, which was won by the foursome of Tony Amado, Scott Guhlke, Chris Hinton, and Don Warfield. Ernesto Avelar won the Closest to the Pin competition and Zach Habben (Mt Si High School) won the Longest Drive competition.

Award winners were:
George Eshelman Umpire of the Year– Henry VonJouanne
Brian Gooch Distinguished Service Award– Rich Johnson
Unsung Hero Award– Peyton Coffin
Rookie of the Year – Dave Richardson and Jim Melrose
Jack Miller Customer of the Year Award – Darrel Sakamoto – Taylor Baseball

Assignor Awards:
C Tier – Ron Klamert
B Tier – JC Cowan
A Tier – Mark Clough

Promotions from Apprentice to “C” Tier
Josh Brookshier
Alex Evenson
Mac Clark
Michael McGuire
Glen Cushman
Michael Lauritzen
Scott Allen
Dave Richardson
James Melrose
David Koon
Andrew Null
Steven Mueller
Russ Sarbora
Michael Shaw

Promotions from “C” Tier to “B” Tier:
Craig Cawelti
David Jaffe
Pete Perry
Ron Klamert
Jaime Archibald

Promotions from “B” Tier to “A” Tier:
Paul Garifalon
Brian Tschumper
Michael Opprecht
Timothy Sullivan
John Hennessey
Wesley Behrend

Promotion from “A” Tier to Tournament Tier:
Ron Beal

Congratulations to all the award and promotion recipients. It was (and still is) a great season and I hope everyone had a good time.

Allen Christie
Chair, Member Services and Communication Committee
Northwest Baseball Umpires Association

2018 BOD Candidate Statements

Candidate Statement – Ron Beal                            

Dear Umpire Brothers

It has been my honor to be an umpire in the NBUA for the last 9 years.  I am running for the NBUA Board this year to serve as your representative. I want to have an open ear to the Association. 

I was the NBUA Rookie of the Year in 2009 & was promoted to B tier in my 2nd year. I umpired in AZ and GA for 9 years before joining the outstanding NBUA. 

I would use my extensive experience to represent your interests on the Board. I also offer my business experience as a Manager in dispatch for the Matheus Lumber company in Woodinville. 

I will do my best to make sure the NBUA remains the Premier Umpire organization in the Northwest.  

Best Regards

Candidate Statement – Allen Christie

It is hard to believe I’ve been on the Board of Directors for five years but it has been a quick, interesting and challenging five years.  In each year, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in many discussions on a wide variety of issues and make decisions to keep NBUA healthy and prosperous.  There is rarely an easy answer to most issues but through thoughtful consideration of the facts, I feel your current board has acted in the best interest of the association and the membership. The times are constantly changing and it takes people with flexible thinking and a willingness to adapt to keep this organization at the top while holding true to its core beliefs and methods.  I have a strong sense of history (context) and a desire to make things better (content).

During the last five years I have actively contributed my time and energy to the Recruiting and Retention Committee (2014-2016), Election Committee (2015 and 2017), Training Staff (2015-current), Evaluation Staff (2012-current), and have served as the Secretary for the last four years.  Last year was a particularly challenging year as the association dealt with a financial dilemma with a customer.  Instead of taking a hard line with the customer that some people endorsed, your board worked in the best interests of the association to resolve the issue and come out of the ordeal in better shape.  I am proud of my contributions to this solution and proud of the way I executed my responsibilities to arrange for and moderate a respectful special meeting of the association.  I have a good grasp of how things work in this association yet I am open to new ideas, not afraid to take on new work, adapt my thoughts to the times and change my ways of doing things as necessary.

When I ran several years ago, I stated that I wanted to maintain the good work of previous directors and improve the functionality of our umpire association.  I think I have done that and, if re-elected, I will continue to do so.   I value the friendships I have with other members of NBUA and I care a lot about the health and well-being of the association.  With your vote, I hopefully will be able to continue to serve you and ensure the health and vitality of NBUA.

Candidate Statement – Gary Coy

I’m running for election to the NBUA board of directors because I believe YOU (The Membership), deserve better than what you have recieved over the past several years from your board and to give you a choice.

Candidate Statement – Hank Margeson

In considering whether to run for another term to serve the membership on the Board of Directors, a sitting member should ponder whether they’ve contributed to the betterment of the association or held it back.  I think it is safe to say the past couple years have been eventful and while the ride has been bumpy at times, in the end the association has moved forward and the general membership is better for it.

We were able to navigate a very challenging fiscal situation as a result of a major business partner’s failure to remit payment in full.  Rather than panic and burn bridges in an effort to collect what we were owed, we instead forged a better working relationship while holding them accountable to pay us off with interest.  A difficult lesson to learn, but from the abyss we grew professionally as an association.  We now have contracts in place with all of our large business partners, many other smaller partners and collect in advance from every other customer.  Slowly but surely the NBUA is achieving a paradigm shift while also extracting higher game fees for our members.

I am especially proud of the implementation of the dynamic weekend surcharge in 2018 as well as the significant increases in game fees paid to members for higher intensity competitive games.  Looking forward, if reelected, by goal will be to ensure that our contract extension with Puget Sound Senior Baseball includes significant game fee adjustments, reflective of the level of skills required to manage those contests.

Finally, one other goal I had for the past term was to ensure that the Board memorialized the multitude of informal tasks and duties carried out over the course of a year.  This was a prime reason I sought an outside process audit of the Board, our Accountant and the Association.  Upon receipt of the auditor’s report, I led by example in documenting the processes for how to complete the annual High School Regionals and Finals recommendations to the WOA and I drafted the inaugural Assignor responsibilities document that was recently incorporated into the Policies and Procedures update.

Over the next two years, my goals will be to continue to professionalize this association at all levels, creatively recruit and train outstanding new umpires, foster a sense of camaraderie to increase our membership, make it easier for members to access their increased earnings, identify and challenge the next generation of NBUA leadership, and elevate the stature of the NBUA in District 2 as well as within the WOA.  Wearing the NBUA cap is an accomplishment and we should all be proud to represent our association.  I would be honored to continue to represent you as a member of the NBUA Board in 2019-2020.

Candidate Statement – Earl Smith                                                                                  

Hello fellow NBUA officials,

I have considered volunteering on our Board for a few seasons now. In 2018 I was invited to participate in our membership evaluation process. I look forward to continuing with maturing into that role. We know that sports officials are becoming the precious few. We are facing both recruitment and retention challenges. Part of our passion for officiating is to see how far our efforts can take us, and to what level. I have used my evaluations as a motivation and they have helped me mature. The officials who took the time over the years to share constructive criticism have helped in that process and it is my intent to give back to the association. If we don’t give back, there may be a day when there isn’t anyone to give back to. I hope to continue to play a role in the evaluation process, and would like to say thank you for your consideration.


Earl Smith

Candidate Statement – Henry VonJouanne

I am honored to be considered for an NBUA Board of Director position.  I believe the NBUA is a great organization – perhaps one of the best such associations in the country – and it is filled with great people.  I am proud of our association and the quality of the product we place on the field.  As an NBUA official, I am proud to know that I walk onto the field with a partner who loves the game, loves to officiate, wants to be there, and wants to improve. 

My goal as a Board Member is simple:  to fully and enthusiastically support the NBUA mission.  That is, “We deliver the highest quality service to our customers by umpiring all games to the best of our ability and with fairness to all participants via state of the art training and evaluation and demonstrated examples of inclusion.”  The NBUA has – in my opinion – always separated itself with a strong training program – so I believe our excellence and “highest quality” starts with training.  And I believe the training starts with emphasis on the basics:  superior rules knowledge and superior mechanics knowledge.  Of course, this begins with the formal pre-season classroom and field training, but extends to the mentorship program and the important and valuable pre-game and post-game discussions.  A strong comprehensive training emphasis should fully convince every member that our organization strives to support their improvement as an umpire – and their eventual promotion as a result.

What qualifies me to be a Board Member?  Not one thing – but a collection of experience and skill from my past roles as 1) an Air Force Instructor Pilot, 2) an Aerospace Engineer, and 3) a Manager of Aerospace Engineers and Technicians.  As a helicopter Instructor Pilot, I was responsible for developing and teaching the ground-school and flight curriculum.  I learned the age-old truth that instructing is the best way to learn.  As an engineer, I was expected to develop systems in a systematic manner – driven by facts and data – while also leading with energy and passion.  As a manager, I have penned seven good rules to follow:  1) it is impossible to over-communicate, 2) in all ways, be completely honest and overt in your actions – no agendas, 3) from this day forward, always do the right thing, 4) make mistakes, 5) learn from your mistakes, 6) the most important job you’ll ever have is the job you have now, and 7) sweat the details – really understand the facts – before making a decision.  These rules are certainly not rocket-science – but they have served me very well and I intend to hold myself to these rules if elected to the NBUA Board of Directors.

Finally, if elected to the NBUA Board of Directors, I pledge to be an outstanding advocate for the greater organization.  Thank you for your consideration.

Letter from Wes Behrend

Hello all!

                Its Wes, I wanted to check in with NBUA after my first couple of weeks since I have been on the road traveling doing ball. It has first off been a blast and a great experience so far! I have three days left here in California after today and then I will be off to Arizona next then to New Mexico. It has been a fantastic experience so far traveling and umpiring Pro level Baseball! I also wanted to reach out and let everyone I can know that a few of the games in my season will be live streamed free! for anyone to watch! My fist live game will be this upcoming Saturday, June 2, 2018. I will give details on how to view the game at the end of this email! I also still want to thank everyone that has helped/inspired and pushed me to pursue my dream! It has been a blast so far. I thank all of you! If anyone needs any help or has trouble with finding where the live stream is please contact me back I will try my best to respond before the game, again the game is This Saturday, June 2,2018 @ 7:45pm. Thanks again everyone talk to you all very soon and I will continue to post more pictures on FB and Instagram if you are following me! Hope you can catch my game! 



How to view the live streamed games on video:

  1. Visit the league Website.
  2. There are drop down menu’s select the schedule Tab, and it will drop down!
  3. Select of course 2018 season schedule
  4. It will then bring you slowly to the schedule calendar where all games are listed that are being played each day with the umpire crews last names listed for each game. (Behrend/Bush) is my crew.
    1. If you want to view information about the game select the date of the game and it will bring you to game day information 
  5. The game with the small camera icons on them are the live games. Select/ click on that small icon it will bring you to another site which will pull up the game streamed live!

Contact me if you have any questions or need any help!



Thank you,
Wesley Behrend

Professional Umpire of Pecos League of Professional Baseball Clubs

NBUA Professional Umpire

New Peer Evaluations

NBUA Umpires…

To assist everyone in doing their Peer Evaluations, Mark Snyder & I are sending out the following information & reminders:

  • NBUA is now using a 1-5 scale for Peer Evaluations.  The 1-10 format is gone.
  • All umpires Peer Evaluate down.  ie: B Tier umpires evaluate B, C & Apprentice tier only. A Tier is an exception, they evaluate everybody.
  • Apprentices do not give Peer Evaluations.
  • We ask that all Peer Evaluations are entered into Arbiter within 24 hours.
  • Sign, date, level & site each Peer Evaluation.
  • Unsigned Peer Evaluations will not count.  Sign them please!
  • The 1-5 Scoring Criteria has been modified this season:

(5) Performs above NBUA Standards per tier consistently
(4) Performs above NBUA Standards per tier occasionally
(3) Performs at NBUA Standards per tier consistently
(2) Occasionally achieves NBUA Standards per tier
(1) Infrequently achieves NBUA Standards per tier

  • If your partner officiated his game at his Tier Expectations, give him a 3.
  • Attached are the updated 2018 Tier Expectations.
  • Apprentices should aspire as 1st year umpires, to achieve the C Tier Expectations.
  • We recommend having these Tier Expectations in your car or phone to reference when “checking the boxes” as you give your Peer Evaluation.

Side note:
The Partner Evaluation App is still in Beta Test mode.  More to follow soon.
Mark Clough

A-Tier Expectations
B-Tier Expectations
C-Tier Expectations

The 2018 MSA is Ready to Sign

The 2018 version of the Member Services Agreement is ready to be signed.  The MSA is the legal agreement between the NBUA and its members and it must be signed each year by each member before the NBUA can assign games to that individual.

You can find the MSA under the Members/MSA menu drop down or by following this link

Click here for the 2018 MSA.

2017 Awards and Promotions

Thank you to all the members and guests that braved the chilly annual NBUA Banquet on Saturday October 14th. It was a great night to celebrate the season and give recognition to the outstanding achievements by our membership. Thanks to the emcee skills of Jay Neff, the musical talents of Tim Stever, the organizational and operational effort by Mark Clough, greeting skills of Mark and Sandi Snyder, decorating skills of Jodi Clough and Leslie Fitzpatrick, and a moving speech by our High School Coach of the Year Mike Brundage we concluded the challenging season with a bang.
Below is a recap of the award recipients and members who were promoted.

Congratulations to all who received an award or were promoted!

Assignor Tier Awards
C Tier – Dale Wilson
B Tier – Wes Behrend
A Tier – Bill Coyne

Jack Miller Customer of the Year Award
Martin Lawrence GM of Northwest Honkers

High School Varsity Coach of the Year Award
Mike Brundage, Hazen High School

Rookie of the Year Award
Spencer Kim

Brian Gooch Distinguished Service Award
Vern Dahl

George Eschelman Umpire of the Year Award
Glenn Campbell


Apprentice to C Tier
Gabe Brookshier
Chris Burris
Carl Done
Pete Perry
Connor Reid
Kyle Sickles
Craig Sweet

Apprentice to B Tier
Aaron Bussiere
Spencer Kim

C Tier to B Tier
Kevin Corbett
Theodore Corpuz
Paul Glahn
Dwayne Helgeson
Ted Jones
Chet Morgan
Mark Snyder
Lance Wallace
Dale Wilson

B Tier to A Tier
Cody Curnutt
Chris Deluze
Jeff Jacobson
Paul Kahle
Mike MacKinnon
John Moore
Don Warfield

A Tier to Tournament Tier
Ben Bayer
Allen Christie
Jeff Evenson
Dan Graves
Josh Lobeck
Kirk Struble